What Our Residents Are Saying…

What Our Residents Say:

Richard Sargavy

Richard Sargavy, Judson Meadows Assisted Living resident

Richard Sargavy with his friend Anthony Sangiovanni, who works in the dietary
department at Judson Meadows Assisted Living Community.

What do you like best about your life at Judson Meadows?
I’ve been a resident here at Judson Meadows since November 2014 and I am very impressed with the staff. Everything I need to feel safe is here. We all kid around a lot too and laugh, which is good.

What was your life like before you resided at Judson Meadows?
I’ve done a lot of things and seen a lot of places. I really enjoyed traveling with my wife in our 19 foot trailer. We had so much fun with that. We went to Cadillac Mountain in Maine. That is where the sun rises first!

What is your favorite meal here at Judson Meadows?
I really enjoy when they serve us pork shanks.  I also love the zeppolitos (fried dough) that we have as a treat sometimes. I enjoy my chats with Anthony, who works for the dietary department and shares his great stories with me!

Was it easy to make some new friends at Judson Meadows?
At 89 years young, it gets harder to meet new friends. I really hit it off right away with Howard, who also lives at Judson Meadows. We share our jokes and stories. Say, did you hear the one about the first Irishman you will run into once it’s spring? You know, “Patio Furniture!”

What is the thing you enjoy doing most at Judson Meadows?
I love to spend time in my beautiful apartment watching the Turner Classic Movie Channel and Star Trek. I’m a huge fan of Patrick Stewart, second in command to Captain Kirk. I’m looking forward to the spring and planting foxtail lilies, gardenias and dahlias in the raised flower beds too. I used to work at a garden center in my retirement job.

What might you tell people about making the decision to come here to live at Judson Meadows?
It’s a hard decision, depending where you are in your life. The staff and others who live here make it easy to adjust though. I am treated like family. And we have a lot of laughs!